If the lens is everything... which lens, which system?

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Re: If the lens is everything... which lens, which system?

most people say that the lens is the most important thing...but they also say that when it comes to real macro lenses you cant really go wrong. Any manufacturer macro lens (canon, sony, nikon, pentax, etc) 100mm 2.8 will be very good. you also have sigma and tamron who make very nice lenses too (the sigma 105mm has been used for more than a few wildlife photographer of the year placers) and are made for the major DSLR manufacturers (and sigma dslrs in the case of sigma).

I'd say the most important thing, then, is to find a camera system you want to invest in...and for macro of plants, flowers and insects the second most important thing after the lens is a tilty screen. Any body without a tilty swivelly screen should be removed from your list.

after that it's your choice. There's not much difference between canon and nikon for the general or macro user (i dont know if any nikons have tilty screens though). Sony have gone their own way a bit, their mid-range cameras are macro-perfect (tilty screen + very high 10fps burst) but if you like your OVF for other photography then theyre a non-starter.

what you should probably take away from this is: never underestimate a tilty screen for macro and that the big 3 manufacturers all have excellent macro lenses available in short, medium and (if you have a lot of money) long ranges.

what lens what camera? any true macro between 90 and 105mm and any camera with a tilting swivelling screen and you cant go wrong

ikendu wrote:

I've been hearing for years, when it comes to equipment, the lens is everything. If I were choosing a DSLR or mirrorless solely for the purpose of shooting nice macros, what lens would I choose... and therefore, what system (1 lens, 1 camera)?

For example, I was reading and comparing macro lens tests this morning. The Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM macro comes out very well!

If I were to conclude that for macro shots, this Canon lens was the best, then I'd probably pick a DSLR with a tilt viewing screen for my camera body; like the T3i.

So... for macro shoots (tiny flower, plants, insects, etc.)... what lens, what camera?

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