Q10 body only? 01 Prime lens sale?

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Re: Q10 body only? 01 Prime lens sale?

Tedinvancouver wrote:

Jack Simpson wrote:

Hi Ricardo,

I've checked Pentax (Canada) and nothing with a separate price
for the Standard Lens and I know I can't order it separately ....
... leastways, not with a Product Code. If you want, I could contact
Pentax Canada to see if it's possible?



Hi Jack

Hi Ted,

while You are at it,could You find out if the Q10 will be avail.with or without
the new Lens? I have the 02,would rather get the 06 and Q10 together
or seperate.Thank's.

So far, they only have the Q10 w/ the 02 or the O2 and the O6. The pricing

for the O6 and the K-to-Q adapter are coming at a later date (and not too far down the lane, hopefully)



Best Regards
Ted Hinsch

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