I love my 5d3, but...

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Re: I love my 5d3, but...

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The D7000 is well put together - a bit less metal in the body than the 5D2 and 7D, but more comprehensive sealing than either of them, so each has its pros and cons regarding build quality - no simple 'consumer/professional' divide.

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That simply is a lie...the 7D is built like a tank, watch DigitalreV video of him trying to destroy a 7D....you will be surprised.

He also failed to destroy a D90. 7D might be 'built like a tank', but it's actually built the same way as the D7000 and D600, plastic chassis metal outer panels. It's just got a few more metal panels.
You can see what the 7D looks like inside here

Not a whole load different from the D7000

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Wrong again, all canon from the bottom are built around a stainless chassis, all of them...not plastic

Canon marketing fooled you.
Here's the 5DIII again

You can see the 'stainless chassis' - it is that metal bracket at the bottom. The lens mount's still screwed into the plastic bits (maybe some metal inserts) but the chassis is plastic, unlike the 1D series where it is metal.

If you look hard you can see a similar metal bracket in the D7000 (it runs in a slot through the plastic moulding)

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