Upgrade: Win 8 or Linux

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Re: Upgrade: Win 8 or Linux

Windows 7 is going to be supported for many years. I think they recently extended the support dates ( in response to a general dislike of Windows 8, I think ).

Linux. I run Linux on desktops and laptops but be aware that you can't run a lot of MS Windows software and you should identify suitable software replacements for Linux before you switch.

Some MS Windows software can be run under Wine, but not Adobe stuff ).

For the record I'm currently using :

  • Linux Mint 13 with the Mate desktop

  • Firefox 15 (browser) and Thunderbird 15 (email)

For editing :

  • GIMP

  • RawTherapee

  • DarkTable

Sundry :

  • Libre Office

  • VLC ( video viewing )

  • Banshee ( music )

  • Luminance HDR

  • Hugin

  • Gnumeric

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