Updated specs on the EOS 6D

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Re: Updated specs on the EOS 6D

The rumor spec sounds good for those want a cheap and light entry-level FF camera or a backup one from those 1DX and 5D3 owners. Don't be fooled by number of AF points as AF accuracy and speed are not directly based on number of points. D7000 has 39 pts while 60D only has 9 pt (all cross points however). However we have heard so many D7000 AF fiasco while almost zero from 60D owners. In addition two extra stops of shadow pulling are not all IQ about. Nikon/Sony sensor is better in shadow pulling at base ISO but Canon sensor/processor is better in color tonality and skin tone on my opinion that echoed by many others that are more important to me. I don't need and don't want to pull shadow 4-5 stops so it's not that critical to me. But color tonality and skin tone are something I benefit from most photos everyday. Then come to lens' choice and I am glad I chose Canon years ago. I will still choose Canon if I start from scratch today, not from fanboyism but from what are more important to me.

kevindar wrote:

GPS, Wifi, Better autofocus, slightly better high iso image, smaller and lighter. dont underestimate the last part. I doubt that the sensor is any better, as it would make no sense so close to release of 5d3 and 1dx

carlk wrote:

Too little and too late? Most of the important specs are no better than or not as good as D600. Plus the almost certain 2 stop or so DR deficit. But it's still a good option for people who have to stay Canon and don't want to spend $1000+ more.

Edit: Think about it what is the point for the camera now that you can buy a 5DII for less than that.

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