XE-1 internal videos from Fuji

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Re: XE-1 internal videos from Fuji

Thanks for posting the links.

These videos are very helpful for potential new customers like me that wrestle with the differences between the Fujifilm X Series cameras. I don't expect them to be online for long, so view them while you can...

Interesting references to the following:

(1) Reference to forums;

(2) Future versions of X100; for sure full HD video;

(3) Manual focus during video on X-E1; is this included in FW 2.0 for X Pro1?

(4) Pancake lens bundle of X-E1; is this the new 14mm?

(5) OVF sliding lenses prevent on-board flash. This is not necessarily new information, but are the movable OVF lenses really necessary for framing, e.g. , could there be a frame overlay with a standard magnification of 35, 43 or 50mm? This would reduce cost, size and weight, and provide for an on-board diopter adjustment and flash.

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