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Red rag: 1 trillion in wind

lylejk wrote:

Only reason I don't like BO is his idiot energy policy (which threw away a heck of a lot of money if you asked me and nothing to show for it; I'm talking $billions here),

What exactly are we talking about? Not (yet) signing the Keystone? Sit tight, he'll sign it in a 2nd term. But I actually agree, he missed the boat. He should have made a bold plan instead, and invested 1 trillion in windturbines. Yes, instead of bailing out the sick gamblers at WS, he should have invested in 1,000,000MW of wind energy capacity. Combined with the existing wind, hydro & nuclear, this would cover 3/4 of the US electricity consumption. A steep up front check for sure, but the marginal cost of energy would be laughable. Energy intensive industries would flee China and other places with frequent power shortages and increasing bills in the future. Try running a plastic injection machinery with power shortages... NOT fun... Unlike solar and oil, windturbines are heavy on labor cost in production/ installing, of the 1 trillion, more than 300 billion would go directly to wages, not deep pockets, but blue collar wages. We are talking about 3-4 million jobs for the 10 years the program would last. THAT would kick start the economy, since one primary industry job can easily sustain 3-4 job in the service sector.

Unfortunately, this plan would have collided with big oil's interest, burst the fracking bubble definitely. So we got the WS bailout instead...

and his wacky relations with Israel. You many not be pro-Israel but I am.

You mean his wacky relation with the right wing of Israel. I cannot understand why people refer to Israel as a monolithic entity. Israel is a highly sophisticated and plural society. Not teaming up behind the prime minister all the time, doesn't mean his against the whole population.

His backing of the brotherhood definitly didn't help matters much to me since I despise all jihadist.

Yes, he backs the brotherhood, but not nearly as much as the Bushes (who's advisor geniuses are already teaming up behind Romney) who have been the primary financiers of the Whahabi (Saudi) ideology which has spread the violent jihad idea around the Muslim world. Throw the Saudis and the whole Gulf overboard financially, then the whole Middle East will become mush less explosive. With windenergy, this would come naturally.

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