Philip Bloom short film using the Lumix DMC-GH3

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Re: Philip Bloom short film using the Lumix DMC-GH3

sgoldswo wrote:

I do intend to complain about your repeated posts here. By the way, as it happens I'm pretty impressed with the film and what we've seen of the camera.



Hey, Simon, don't thank me: I wasn't the one mis-parenting you, buddy.

Who you gonna run and complain to, troll, to the local hanging judge? Your posting notices about your complaining all over DP Review is getting to be rather excessive and stupid.

BTW, if you were "impressed" by the Bloom "film" and what you have "seen" of the GH3, good for you. But others are entitled to their own opinion about it, buddy.

Personally, I will reserve judgement on the camera for about 2 weeks. First, Panasonic should actuolly make an official announcement about the Lumix GH3. That may actually happen next week. After that, in about 2 weeks time we might start seeing some REPUTABLE sample pictures and videos out of the GH3. Unlike the Bloom mess, which was probably shot with a GH2, anyhow.

Now, who you gonna be running to and complaining about all that now, sgoldswo?

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