Advice on Nex 5N with JUST the Kit lens

Started Sep 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
Tom Hoots
Tom Hoots Veteran Member • Posts: 6,073

thechoson wrote:

I'm happy shooting mostly with my DSLR right now. I'm looking for a complementing camera that is lighter/smaller so I can take around in more casual situations. I have NO intention of buying additional lenses or accessories for this complement camera.

The smaller, lighter, fully-pocketable, silent-shuttered, faster-lensed RX100 prevails here.

I primarily photograph friends/ families in portraits and candids, so I do a decent amount of low-light shooting, so I am concerned about the speed of the 5N's kit lens, although the high ISO performance is terrific...

Yep. In Auto ISO, I have taken indoor shots with the RX100 at ISO 400, whereas the 5N with the kit lens used ISO 2000.

No doubt about it, I prefer my RX100 to my NEX-5N (especially with the kit lens), in absolutely every way imaginable.

Tom Hoots

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