Want to upgrade but won't

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Re: Want to upgrade but won't

Scrozzy wrote:

I don't fancy Nikon much.

I like the D7000 or the new D600. Be sure to read reviews on each if you're the least bit interested in jumping ship. However you would have to give up any Canon glass you own.

The 5DMKII is in the right price bracket, but I'll be left wanting for better AF, and the same with the T4i (plus I want FF).

As you know autofocus on DSLR is poor, aside from Sony, and even with that a dedidicated movie camera of lower quality leaves DSLR in dust.

The 5DMKIII is above my requirements, and I'd go for that, but I can't justify spending that kind of cash. Everything Canon makes is above my needs or below.

Wait For Love.
(Luther Vandross)


If you believe Canon Rumors we are due for new small FF Canons in next year or so.

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