I love my 5d3, but...

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Re: I love my 5d3, but...

papparazzi wrote:

AdamScot wrote:

The D7000 is well put together - a bit less metal in the body than the 5D2 and 7D, but more comprehensive sealing than either of them, so each has its pros and cons regarding build quality - no simple 'consumer/professional' divide.

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That simply is a lie...the 7D is built like a tank, watch DigitalreV video of him trying to destroy a 7D....you will be surprised.

He also failed to destroy a D90. 7D might be 'built like a tank', but it's actually built the same way as the D7000 and D600, plastic chassis metal outer panels. It's just got a few more metal panels.
You can see what the 7D looks like inside here

Not a whole load different from the D7000

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