The RX1 for portraits?

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sroute wrote:

pricklypear wrote:

That said, I think 35mm is pretty good for general purpose photography and that's why they use it, along with the fact that it's relatively easy to squeeze out the best optical quality.

Yup... 35mm is in a good space. I actually prefer 28mm just a little bit more and have preferred 28mm effective on every platform including 6x6 medium format. But... if I can have only one lens on a camera, I would prefer to go no wider than 35 for a variety of reasons.

28 is good, too. That's pretty much all I'm using with the RX100. In fact, all compacts I've used essentially at their starting focal length be it 24, 28 or 35.

Zoom in an out with your feet.

For sure... moving the photographer, not a zoom ring, to change how the subject will be framed and rendered makes for better photographers

I'm also a huge fan of using one camera one lens for long periods of time... in fact, as a result of contemplating purchasing the RX1 I've committed myself to using nothing but a 25mm Zeiss on an APS-C compact for the next six weeks.... and nothing but. It won't be quite the same as 35mm on full frame but will be close enough.

Sure...why not. I used the 24/2.8 on a 20D for at least year. Never took it off. Right now I'm shooting the RX100 in landscape orientation only. No exceptions.

I've already put my pre-order in on the RX1, knowing that it won't ship until December, we can be sure that plenty of indepth reviews and images are published between now and then. There's lots of time to cancel pre-orders if the camera fails to live up to expectations.

I've got a hold on one at my brick-and-mortar store, but it's with mixed feelings. I'm not keen on having more than one digital camera at a time for various reasons. That the RX100 & 1 share the same battery might make owning both at the same time more palatable.

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