How many watts for which type of light modifier?

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Re: How many watts for which type of light modifier?


A 600ws light should give off approx. 1/2 stop light above a 400ws light of the same brand at full power. A 800ws light would be 1 stop higher; A 1200ws 1 1/2 stops.

It's like the variable range on your pack/monolight where someone referred to an 8 stop range; Halve the power 1 stop down, halve it again 1 stop down, halve it again 1 stop down again. Of course this is approx. due to the quality of the light you are using and they should be metered to verify the light output. My Hensels are dead on to what's indicated on the output scale/what is actually metered, some other lights I've used not so much.

From what I have heard, I believe the Einstein's are right on the money throughout their variable range. However, the Alien Bees I personally know get flakey under 1/8th power. So much for Paul Buff's marketing claims of a 7+ stop range over let's say an Elinchrome or a Profoto's 5+ stop range.

Like others have said, room size and location of the light to subject have as much to do with how you light as how much power and what modifier you use. You asked about the use of your 400ws units in a particular modifier. I'm sorry to say the answer is yes. With a 600ws source again the answer is ,,, yes. At 800ws,,, yes. So you see, someone might give you an answer, but you still have to get out your lights and play a little.

Personally I'd just use your 400's with the modifier you choose and then decide if you need 1/2 stop more, 600ws, or 1 stop more, 800ws, etc... I think you'll find out you're probably fine with your 4's.

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