You know why way too many American's are beyond angry?

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Roger99 wrote:

lylejk wrote:

Then what's your solution Peter? Tell me. You are the type that would continue BO's campaign for appeasement just like ol' Jimmy C. did and those guys only see that as weekness. Saw a former military pundit of FOX state something that makes sense. They kill 4 of ours, we kill 40 of theirs. If we can't put the fear of God in them, then, at the very least, we should put the mighty power of our American Military resources to off these animals (and I'm an isolationist, but sometimes you gotta do what you have to do). You Peter are a placater and that means you are a loser.

Something you seem to overlook though. Your kill ratio is far, far higher than 10 to 1 and you need to see that in some countries you lot are the terrorists. (More countries every year.) One of the best things you as a country could do is reconsider your foreign policies and realize that much of what has been happening to America is retaliatory for past indiscretions.

They will never, never see that. As far as they are concerned, they cannot do anything wrong. Ever.

You lot keep the FOX attitude up and you are going to alienate every country on the planet about as effectively as Romney did in his recent tours outside America and like it or not, you need us.

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