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Karl Scharf wrote:

Kriekira wrote:

3. The real question for me. I can see changes in the lightness of light objects caused by ripples in water below the objects in the a900/a850 OVF (e.g.: birds or grasses on a shore). I cannot see that in the a77 EVF. Is there an EVF on the market that delivers anything close to the absolute luminance fidelity of a large, bright OVF such as the ones in the a900/a850?

To address your 'real question': Yes you can see the 'absolute luminance' in your OVF, but there is no sensor, and there probably will never be any medium, that can capture it! So why is that so important to see in the viewfinder? At least, the EVF provides a more realistic view of what the sensor is actually recording, and even lets you see the effects of any adjustments that you make to the image you are trying to capture. If you want to see the 'absolute luminance' of a scene, just look at it with your own eyes.

My a850 and a900 each capture this difference easily and clearly. On what basis do you claim otherwise?

Don't get me wrong here -- I bought and use the a77 specifically for the advantages the EVF provides (primarily live view and the articulated LCD). The EVF is a great tool. It has, for my use, a fatal flaw: the DR is far below not only what I see, but also below what the sensor records. After a few weeks with the a77, and knowing that Sony was not going to produce another OVF as good as the a900/a850, I purchased a used a900 as a long-term backup for my work.

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