OVF vs EVF put to rest

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Re: the video advertisement

Kriekira wrote:

Three questions:

1. This is an advertisement. Advertisements are made to persuade. What persuasion is this advertisement pushing? Why was the decision made that this persuasion was necessary?

2. Why was the name "Tru-Finder" selected. What does the foregrounding of "Tru" tell us about the product being advertised?

^^^ This!

While the video is compelling, and the EVF is evolving to become better all the time, the bottom line is a very good EVF is much less expensive to mfr than an optical prism viewfinder.

Most likely the very best solution would be the combination of both, electronic overlay / OVF, but how would that save Sony (or anyone) any money?

Viewfinders are not a religion, no extra points for persuading your friend/neighbor to come over to your side of the argument.

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