CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Dead Pixel Remapping

Paul69 (this is the russian guy's nickname) keeps giving us some interesting stuff - here is a program to refresh deadpixel map:

He tested it with E2500. Also you know about Nikon's position so don't run it out of pure curiosity, only if you really need to, and at your own risk.

To read an existing map from the camera you can press Read button and it starts reading the map - the process takes a long time but you get information on pixels so you can select the text and copy it for further notices. You can also interrupt the reading process by pressing Stop. To make the camera to recalculate the table you need to press Remap. The camera starts doing some shots etc for about 10 sec - this is OK. After the remapping you can read the table again and compare the number of pixels. If the number of deadpixels is much less than it was before the remapping you probably haven't given the camera enough time to warm up and you may come with dead pixels visible on your shots. Also if you have unexpectadly high number of mapped pixels the camera could be too hot. You can remap again untill you are satisfied with the result. Don't forget to check out the battery charge level before the procedure. The new table will only come into effect the next time you turn on the camera. The delete button clears the table completely as if there were no deadpixels at all.

The author of the program takes no responsibility for anything and gives this program along with the sources only for "educational purporses".


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