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Thats just crappy trolling.
The D600 is in fact not better than the 5D3 in most of her specs.

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Suggestion 1- Learn how to have a civil conversation. If you had any sense at all, you'd know that I, of all people, am not a troll.

Suggestion 2- Learn how to read. I never said, nor did I imply that the D600 is better than the 5D3 in most of "her" specs. I said it was the equal in many ways of the 5D3. I said that it's superior to the 5D2 in many ways, which if you read the specs, you'd know that it is.

The real difference is not the actuality of the specs but the perception of them. Here the 5DIII has a clear advantage, because it is perceived as being specced nearly as the 1DX - this is of course a false impression, it is half as fast and has a plastic chassis - but what matters is not what is, its what the buyer thinks is, and the D600 is at a clear disadvantage - it is specced below the D4, and therefore perceived as not as good. In practice I would guess the main deficits against the 5DIII make very little difference in the type of photography either camera will be used for.

Bob, could you give me a citation for the idea that the 5D3 has a plastic chassis? Every reference I can find for the construction of the camera says it has a magnesium alloy chassis.

No, they say it has a magnesium alloy shell , not chassis. The information comes from the LensRentals teardown.
Particularly when it gets to this image

Here the magnesium shell has been removed but the camera is still in one piece - hence the magnesium is just a shell, not the structural chassis. Note also the the lens mount is still attached at this point. The Canon publicity photos show it attached to the magnesium shell, which really is a bit dishonest, the shell comes off and the lens mount doesn't come with it.

In any case, from what I know about how different materials present that chassis looks plastic to me - it's self coloured black and it has the very sharp moulded detail you don't get on a painted cast (or thixomoulded) unit, you can also see sprue marks if you look closely. Anyway, I emailed Roger Cicala and asked him if he could tell me what was the material for this chassis - he had a look and told me it was plastic.

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