My 5n has let me down big time!

Started Sep 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
mgreenfield Forum Member • Posts: 67
Re: My 5n has let me down big time!

Agreed. A swap of memory cards should be an easy and, depending on whether you have another, cheap troubleshooting step. And it should be a different brand or type. I had a Treo smartphone a number of years ago (remember those?) with a navigation app (using cell towers) that worked only intermittently and frequently crashed. Turns out it was some sort of incompatibility with the SD card I had the maps stored on. Switched memory cards and all troubles went away. Turned out the brand/type of card was incompatible with the way the program worked (although the card seemed to work fine otherwise). I know it's a different situation, but it demonstrates that the memory card can cause problems in a device that is otherwise working fine.

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