This video sells the Sony EVF well, but what are the downsides?

Started Sep 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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But what about the downsides of an OVF?

The downsides are basically lag & dynamic range. I would say that if you are shooting sports/birds or landscapes (during the day) then maybe an OVF would be a better fit.

I came from an OVF to Sony EVF with the A55. I was very dubious at first as like many I loved the OVF.

But I've been wanting to go FF for a while now and very unsure whether to go to the Nikon D600 or A99. I'm mainly a events shooter such as weddings, christenings & ofc friends/family.

So over the last week I have borrowed a friend's D7000 to compare that against my A77. Wow! I can't believe how much I've come to rely upon the benefits of the EVF.

For starters I hadn't realised how much I'd come to rely on the EVF to get my exposure right. I'd subconciously just get it approximately to the right exposure before maybe looking at the lightmeter for a final check. For quick grabshots of those candid moments I've found the Sony to be much easier in manual than the Nikon.

Oh and it was really sunny yesterday which meant trying to view photos I'd just taken on the Nikon was hard. With the Sony I can just view it in the EVF.

Finally last night I went to photograph the stars with some friends who have Nikon's. Even though it was so dark that we could barely see, I popped my tripod up, got the A77 in the right position using the built in spirit/horizon level (sorry dunno what it's called) and I was good to go. My Nikon mate was like "Oh I'll just level it in PP"

In short, the EVF does take a bit of getting used to and it's not best for everyone. But for people like me, I've become a real convert. A Canon friend of mine who tried to use the EVF hated it, said it was like a fighter cockpit. He says I'm reliant on the EVF because I haven't mastered the art of setting my exposures yet. But I disagree. It's like being given the HUD from the latest fighter plane and a mate saying there's nothing wrong with the cockpit from an old Spitfire.

The D7000 will go back tomorrow and I'm actually surprised how little I will miss it. Using OVF just seems like a backwards step now and slows me down.

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