printing D90 shots - a question of size?

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How big can you print? That depends on a lot (Examples)

I have the D300 (same sensor as your D90)

There are a LOT of variables in printing large with any File/Sensor.

Quality of the file. Is it under exposed? (that would add noise)

Is it sharp? (how sharp will play a significant roll in the quality of the print)

I post process all my work at 360PPI in RAW, then just do a simple upres to the size I need at 240PPI in photoshop.

If the file has a few problems, printing to canvas can often provide a wonderful way to get a good print and mask the problems.

Viewing distance. I can get 40" x 60" prints from my 12MP camera and has a viewing distance of about 24" (2-feet). But that is using top grade lenses, best shot practices and a quality printer or printing company.

Here is an example, 40" x 60" printed on an Epson printer on fine art paper:

And another 40" x 60" printed on Aluminum:

I would strongly suggest using Aspen Creek for your printing. Especially if you go Canvas, they are amazing.

Good luck. My gut tells me that your shot shold be OK anywhere from 16x24 to about 24x36 depending on your quality of capture (lack of need of editing) and sharpness.

Tip: Oversaturate the shot by about 10% as you loose saturation in the printing process. And oversharpen JUST a tad...not much....just a little extra crispy. Printing also smooths out sharpening a little as well.


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