WIll the XE1 push co's to fix Post P's

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Re: how do you know

MikeS2012 wrote:

The math is rocket science. Until now, all software is optimized for 2x2 Bayer CFA. The FujiFilm Pseudo-Random 6x6 CFA is processed by a non-CFA specific algorithm of much greater sophistication.

Adobe, Apple, et.al, have just been sitting back using canned software routines. The problem trying to use these tool kits on a 6x6 Pseudo-Random CFA is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. It is messy, with all sorts of different artifacts laying around.


will it be at all possible at some point (after Adobe has truly optimized their processing of the the X-trans files) to convert these Fuji files to DNGs? Or is the way in which the processing works in DNGs simply not compatible with an optimized processing of X-trans files - either principally or in practice?

Thanks in advance for your answer, and thanks as well for all the research and explaining you have done already in this regard.

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