D600-D800-D3s High ISO RAW's from Imaging-Resource

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D600-D800-D3s High ISO RAW's from Imaging-Resource

LOOK AT THE ORIGINALS BETTER THAN IMAGES AT THIS POST (JUST CLICK ON THE NAME OF THE FILE ABOVE THE IMAGE) Seems to be some kind of processing when posting here, kind of resizing or reduction in JPG quality or something like thAT.

Just the same I did at http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1021&message=42497418 , but using RAWs from Imaging-Resource.

Exposure parameters as well as exposure levels are equal on the three cameras.

When processing with Raw Therapee I've used ICM color profile for the D600 (given by dethis2 at http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1021&message=42499747 ).

On PS applied some curves to boost contrast a little (points 50,60 and 200,190) on all images, and resized D600 and D800's images to 12 or 24 MP using bicubic interpolation. In some cases applied an slight noise reduction prior to downsizing (to give the plus of more resolution = more detail).

ISO 6400 from D600 and D800 (D800 downsized to 24 MP)

Now, in this last area applied some very slight NR on the D800 image BEFORE downsizing (it's reasonable to expect not throwing too much detail, but mainly noise):

And what about when applying same NR on D600? (this would throw away not so little detail...)

Well, not so bad. D600 seems to be just a little cleaner without any NR applied, and about the same applying NR on both (but then stronger NR could be applied on D800...). Anyway not a significant difference to me.

ISO 6400 from D3s, D600, and D800 (D600 and D800 downsized to 12 MP)

As before, I consider no NR applied at all:

And now applying some NR to D600 and D800:

D3s seems to contain less detail, and cleaner only without NR on D600 and D800. With that NR I'd say results are quite equal (but with better detail on D600 and D800).

ISO 3200 + 2 EV on RAW processing, from D3s, D600, and D800 (D600 and D800 downsized to 12 MP)

ISO 3200 images, applying a + 2 EV boost on RT to pull up some shadows (I must say I don't take too solid conclusions from this one...).

As before, I consider no NR applied at all:

And now applying some NR to D600 and D800:

Without NR applied D3s looks cleaner to me. Applying NR on D600 and D800, D800 it looks slightly noisier than D600 and D3s, with D600 perhaps being the better.

(But as I've said I consider this to be a very early experiment: not too solid conclusions...)

Bah! Enough lab games. Must go out to enjoy sun and take some photos now...


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