I love my 5d3, but...

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Re: I love my 5d3, but...

You make interesting points, but you haven't changed my view on any of this. I think Canon is a fine company. They are a bit conservative in the way that a company making tools for professionals and high end users tends to be.

the only thing that might get me personally away from my investment in Canon at the DSLR/lens level would be a FF NEX with an assortment of excellent lenses.

3systermuser wrote:

chironNYC wrote:

I love my 5d3, and since I already have my money invested I am certainly not going to jump ship.

why not?

I think Cnaon has no future, so you better jump ship as soon as you can or lose lots of money in trade.

But, if the D600 sensor lives up to its Sony heritage, without the megapixel overweight and manufacturing/design defects of the D800 (AF, green tint, etc.), I think it will be a very attractive camera in its own right. At $1400 less than the 5d3, it will appeal to many categories of shooters. If you can shoot a wedding with a 5d2, you can shoot a wedding with a D600.

yeah and it is much lighter than the mk3 or the D800, to me it is the biggest sells point of the D600 and I probably get a D600 kit for myself(I have a few F mount Zeiss primes and 70-200vr2 used on my D800 already).

the D800 is actually a quite annoying camera , mine had AF issue (but I never used AF these days, so for me it was no issue),the green tint not only in the LCD but also in its RAW files, always overexposing AE,etc and its files are so heavy that I need to buy so many extra HD drives and Bray discs.

And maybe it is just me but I dislike the body , I much prefer my D7000/D600 in my hands and I definitely prfer my 5D2 grip design to that of the D800/D700.

So, I think even if these 2 were priced the same , I 'd get the D600.

Price-wise, it competes with xD Canon cameras. Features-wise, it competes with the 5d3.

not really , the 39Af as in the D600 is not as good as the AF in the D800 and the D800 Af is not even as good as the AF in the MK3.

so, if Af or video feature is important to you , you might want to just stay with Canon.

as I dont shoot Af most of times , I just go cheap and light weight Nikon or Sony mysef but if I am an AF shooter , I might get the MK3.

the 39 pt Af in the Nikon is NOT reliable and it hunts a lot in low light.

the 51 is good but it requires a huge body.

It looks to be a fine and appealing camera at a price and with a sensor that will profoundly challenge Canon.

well, you may want to see the 6D and it will be announce a week or a couple of weeks after Photokina(if the rumor is not wrong).

I think it may be a market-changing camera.

I think the A99v is but it is a bit too expensive for many.

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