More LX7 Movie-mode Crippling

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Re: So what's the conclusion then?

Trevor, I see your point. Perhaps you should write a message to Panasonic to remove this
video limitation with a firmware update.

FZ150 and 200 videos are not crippled, but they are not really pocketable cameras, as I can judge.

I am thinking about buying the LX7. My problem is that there are only fery few full HD video samples out there. I would upgrade from my ZS3/TZ7 mainly for the full HD video and some extra manual controls (in photo and video) that are missing from the TZ7. I use always use the lowest ISO, and do not mess with raws. (I spent several years developing Olympus C5050 RAWs in Silkypix, but that time has changed. There is no RAW in TZ7) Maybe RAW for the most precious moments (with LX7, if I buy).

But from the direct image comparisions (dcresource) of the ZS3/TZ7 and LX7 I can see that the LX7 pictures only marginally better than the TZ7 photos. (Low ISO, as I mentioned). So I am waiting for LX7 users to upload more full HD videos to youtube or vimeo. Maybe this will not happen soon...

BTW, have you uploaded full HD LX7 videos (samples or lectures) to youtube already?

trevmar wrote:

I already carry around a camcorder, but it is not always in my pocket In any case I need a camera which can run backup, in case the camcorder fails. Why does Panasonic stop me using the LX7 in this way? they didn't cripple the FZ150 or FZ200...

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