Nikon Marketing Problems

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Seems the OP rubbed a tender spot?

Nikon fanboys are very protective of Their turf.
I agree that Nikon's days are numbered, at least if you
consider being bailed out a failure.
Though maybe their own family will just keep supporting them.

Pentax was already rescued, Olympus is already over the brink.
I don't know about Fugi, they are pretty resourceful.

What's left in camera advancement once all the point and shoots
are replaced with iphones, and eveyone has cheap, small, full-frame
offerings for the serious amatuer?

Mirrors gone or not, refinements will come along such as in focusing, optics,
viewfinders etc., but the main thrust will be sensor developement.
Nikon and Canon's lens sales will start to weaken
as far as amateur use goes, being replaced by
ultra high pixel sensors for shorter range telephotos.

Sonys' The dominant force, having the best sensor for
both the high end and point and shoot markets, though this
has yet to pan out in sales, but give it time.
Brilliant idea, a small high IQ truely Pocketable point and shoot.
Sony is the one pulling out all the stops, I guess they have the resources
to do it, and the least to lose?

Samsung and Panasonic are on Sonys' coat tails, and
Canon isn't about to bow out of the game.
Canon at this point may seem a little slow, but they market to
make a profit.
Sooner than later the camera business is going to hit the ceiling,
and somebody has to fall by the wayside.

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