Get the premium form fitting RX100 case with the RX100.

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Re: Get the premium form fitting RX100 case with the RX100.

Here's the difference. What I presented (in terms of pricing, material, comparative protection) are in fact, facts.

And where (please quote) do I "call others by names for preferring something else".

I'd be happy to apologize if I have. On the other hand, if I am calling out something that is categorically false or a mischaracterization... well then. I'm afraid you're out of luck.

So far, in this thread you have repeatedly presented opinion (often times with dubious credibility as to any form of accuracy behind them) as fact. I see no problem with calling those out and correcting them. Especially if it may cost someone the opportunity to purchase a pretty nice case for free .

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ericN2 wrote:

Whatever YOU may think of's very real to me...

If I want to put a case on my camera (any camera) which offers protection AND does not inhibit any form of camera usage..I do NOT want a flapping (maybe removeable to avoid interference..) front part.. A case of that type is excellent for keeping your camera protected when not in use..but IN USE...not everybody wants to have a front part that is only attached by ONE button-clip. It just becomes a nuisance to me.. and that is why I do not want the type nor think it good enough .

If YOU like it - so be it - but DON'T call others by names for preferring something else or thinking it less value !!

It is just not possible or practical to have that front retained ALWAYS without some interference to shooting.. so what do you do with it then ??

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