Get the premium form fitting RX100 case with the RX100.

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Re: Get the premium form fitting RX100 case with the RX100.

Some more fallacy to address here:

Again, the labeling within the Sony case indicates that it is in fact sheathed in leather.

The Gariz case costs as much for a half case (that does nothing to protect the majority of the camera) as it does for Sony's full case... which really puts into perspective Sony's pricing.

The Gariz case actually adds a metal plate to the bottom of the camera (complete with a separate tripod mounting point), which does in fact add some additional (needless) thickness to it.

I'm not arguing that Gariz doesn't make nice cases. If I was going to purchase a third party case like this, and didn't care about full body protection, or cost, then Gariz might be the way that I would go. But they are hardly the end all be all, for all uses.

Come on, let's keep it real.

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ericN2 wrote:

If I wanted a leather case for the RX-100 I'd very much prefer to buy the Garitz true leather case that is on most Ebay sites I think..

..It IS real leather and the photos cleartly show to me that it is greatly higher quality made is indeed only a half-case..but it offers not only excellent finish but added 'grip' if you like that sort of thing - and it is so neat and lovely fit that I'm sure it adds hardly anything to size of the working camera

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