Get the premium form fitting RX100 case with the RX100.

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Re: Get the premium form fitting RX100 case with the RX100.

Alright, now you are just talking out of your butt.

First of all, EVERY review has stated that the Sony case is very well made, and fits the camera very well. They basically comment that it is a very nice, quality, case. Try buying one of the "genuine leather" knock offs from eBay to get a real sense of what "second rate" means.

Second of all, the label within the case itself states the following. 25% PIEL DE VACUNO 75% POLIUERETANO. Which allows one to deduce that the exterior of the case is in fact made out of LEATHER (Google translate is your friend), with padding and lining and things like that made out of artificial material.

The ONLY complaint reviewers have had is that the case is rather expensive for what it is... but now there is an opportunity to get it for free.

It's a no-brainer.

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ericN2 wrote:

Having myself bought and used quite similar style Panasonic cases for the G series, I'm quite surprised that Sony are selling under their own name AND at very similar price to those earlier Panny cases (superbly made in real leather).. frankly to me the Sony case "looks" just what it is..a not too precisely made, second-rate stitched case at a high price.

If I wanted a leather case for the RX-100 I'd very much prefer to buy the Garitz true leather case that is on most Ebay sites I think..

..It IS real leather and the photos cleartly show to me that it is greatly higher quality made is indeed only a half-case..but it offers not only excellent finish but added 'grip' if you like that sort of thing - and it is so neat and lovely fit that I'm sure it adds hardly anything to size of the working camera so in use you have a lovely and much better "feel"...yet when not in use I'm quite sure it will fit quite easily into any decent and small size carry case such as maybe the Lowepro Sorrento 20 - then carried comfortably or again if you so wish - could be on a belt.

The Garitz is done in quite a variety of colors and all of them look very nice according to taste of each owner of course.

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