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Re: How about Nikon...

Thanks for the advice. When I read your message it reminds me of a saying, "Be aware of the old man with one gun, he knows how to use it."

Then here...

  • Used 55mm f3.5 or f2.8 micro-Nikkor ($100-200)

  • The adapter to use it on a Canon 5D II is about $40.

  • Passport about $100

  • Laser level about $40

Although your calculations are very well thought of, I have a problem with this because I had some bad experiences with used lenses (a couple of them). My father bought me a used Canon 24-105 lens from Korea and I had to pay over 200$ to get it repaired. Also I didn't have a good experience with Canon 2x tele converter. It didn't allow me to use auto focus, and the shots were softer than without the converter. So I think used lenses and adapters are no good.

You didn't say how big your paintings and sculptures are. A 50mm is a good lens for big pieces, 4-6 feet. Smaller than that, and a 100mm is a good lens to have. That's probably another $250 on the used market. Still beats the snot out of paying $1000 or more for the wrong Zeiss.

The paintings that I shoot can be anywhere from 2 feet to 10 feet in length.

Your advice was very convincing. So I really consider buying a macro lens instead of those mentioned Zeiss lenses. But I will think whether I will go for a Canon brand or some other brand.


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