My brief hands-on impression of A99

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Re: My brief hands-on impression of A99

Amateur Sony Shooter wrote:

As far as I remember, there is no cRAW, just RAW, RAW+jpeg, jpeg - standard, jpeg - fine, jpeg - extra fine. Not sure if it's RAW is actually compressed or not. A900's RAW size is huge, I never seen any other Sony RAW file that big again.

Pirro wrote:

Amateur I need an info. Did you see if in the menu there is raw and cRaw as A900?
Or just a compressed RAW? A99 14 bit Raw file seems same size A900

Nikon D3X has 14 bit and same resolution as A99

D3X Uncompressed Raw is 50 Mb
D3X cRaw lossless is 35 Mb
A99 raw is 23,8 Mb

I think Sony raw is a cRaw lossy.

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