GH3: wrong direction! Bulkier & heavier ....

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Re: GH3: wrong direction! Bulkier & heavier ....

larsbc wrote:
Anders W wrote:

Until I see a lot more photos of it in use, or see its dimensional specs, I wouldn't assume that it's as big as a "fat ass DSLR." I handled an OM-D yesterday and I have to see that its control layout felt cramped,

I just noticed an error in my original post. I meant: "I have to say," not "I have to see."

That's the way I already read it.


On the other hand, things have gotten noteably better as I have become used to the camera. It took me a couple of months but now I feel at home with the E-M5 and am not really bothered by the way it handles any more. This might be worth keeping in mind if you are considering getting one.

Yes, that is worth knowing, because I was, in fact, wondering if I'd be able to get used to it.

Another thing I noticed is a slight lag between a click of the aperture adjustment wheel, and seeing the aperture value change in the viewfinder. With my Panasonic and DSLRs, I've never experienced such a lag. Does your OM-D do that?

I had never spontaneously noticed that so I had to check. And yes, if you move the wheel very quickly, you can possibly discern a very short delay. However, it doesn't get longer the more you dial or something like that so your movement is always in very good sync with your vision. Overall, I find the haptics of the two wheels better than that of the one wheel on my G1, quite apart from the fact that I like two-wheel-drive better than the (still pretty decent) one-wheel drive on the G1.

Not so fond of the mushy buttons but I have gotten used to those as well. I have now reached the stage where my fingers find their way around the camera without any thinking or looking on my part and once I have reached this stage it doesn't feel cramped or uncomfy any more. My guess is that your experience would be the same.

One "ergonomic" feature of the E-M5 (at least I think one might call it that) related to exposure that makes a far bigger difference than the things I mentioned above is the highlight/shadows warnings you can see in the EVF or on the LCD prior to capture, not only afterwards as the "blinkies" available on pretty much every camera. I usually try to ETTR and have found these ahead warnings very helpful for that purpose. They save a lot of time since I no longer have to "chimp" to see if I got the exposure right.

You may already have seen this blog post about the way the same feature works on the E-P3

and the discussions about it in various threads on this forum.

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