D600-D800 high ISO RAWs compared

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I agree completely

eNo wrote:

These are very encouraging results, especially given the torture tests. However, I would caution against (again) comparing ISO performance in relatively lighting conditions, where we seldom will use high ISO (okay, maybe for hockey games). Dim the lights, mix them a bit while the band sings under stage lighting, then let's see what we get.

In fact I did something like that recently using a D3s: http://mato34.es/galer/rusclat2012/

One of the very big pluses of the D3s over the D700 is not the noise at high ISOs (is better, but not by much), but the cleaner results on underexposed areas. This allows for a more wide range of post processing keeping acceptable results. The photos un the prior gallery were taken mostly at ISO 3200 and Active D-Lighting High (or Extra-High, don't remember exactly), and they look great even at 100%. Just a year ago, in the 2011 edition of that concert, I used the D700 and used between ISO 1600 and 3200, but never considered using Active D-Lighting...

That's why I posted those ISO 1600 pictures with pulled-up shadows: I care not only about noise, but also about in which degree I can edit the images.

I'm now working with Imaging-Resource RAWs, and can compare with D3s (it wasn't on Focus Numerique). I've compared noise at ISO 6400, not yet pulling-up shadows at about ISO 3200 or that. Will post the results as fast as I can.


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