Why A99 is better deal than D600

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Re: No built-in flash

Nordstjernen wrote:

Andrew Mitchell wrote:

Nordstjernen wrote:

Oh, with the A99 you also get rid of the built-in flash that does more harm than good. Worth paying some extra for! Not needed for photographers at the level the A99 is intended for.

This type of nonsense statement has been going around for years. "Look, I'm special; my camera doesn't have a flash!" The A99 is intended for anyone who wants one and can afford it. And many of them will regularly use the flash. As will their partners and children, when they use the camera.

I don't use the on-board flash regularly on my A700 or SLT55 or my (film) Dynax 800si (whose main selling point was that as a semi-professional camera it did have a flash). But I do use them sometimes when I don't have my bigger flash with me.

Noticed this: ?

Seemed lots of people didn't notice the silly yellow circle! Apologies.

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