9/11 - "never forget"... well why the hell not?

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Re: 9/11 - "never forget"... well why the hell not?

Maybe it's an American thing. Australians (and most of the rest of the world) just gets on with life. During WWII Japanese planes bombed the north of Australia, mainly Darwin and Broome. It lasted for nearly 2 years, over 60 separate raids. Estimates of the number of dead vary from 300 to 1600. (The population was always in flux, and a good many were Indigenous Australians, who were not as well documented as Europeans.) The first attack has been called 'Australia's Pearl Harbour'. If you know any Australians, ask them about it. Most of them will not know what you are talking about.

Ask the Vietnamese about the American War (as they call it). They don't hold grudges against the US.

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