Z3200 Unused for 2 Months - MK Ink Not Printing

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Re: Z3200 Unused for 2 Months - MK Ink Not Printing

Thank you for your very helpful response. the printer was purchased a year ago and is currently under warranty.

If I was to follow the steps that you have suggested would I invalidate my warranty?

HP are closed until tomorrow, but I am eager to solve this myself as HP online staff seem to give the same scripted answers i.e. clean head and calibrate etc.

thanks again


E Dinkla wrote:

Remove the MK-Red head and clean its nozzle surface with some window cleaner Windex etc. Put it back in the head carriage and try again. If that does not help get a new head, they are not that expensive. There are documents on the net describing the dissection,.cleaning and reassembling of that type of heads but it may not work and takes more time. Keep that printer on power, I have a Z3200 and Z3100 with a total of 9 years use and only 3 or 4 heads replaced.

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