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Re: Size comparison GH3

Sean Nelson wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

More important might be the weight, which goes up as the cube of the volume for solid shapes.

gollywop wrote:

Well, we've got to be fair, Sean. The weight, assuming the same materials (density), will go up proportionately with the volume. It will go up with the cube of a linear dimension, provided all three dimensions increase in the same proportion.

Woops! You're right of course. Amazing it took until the fourth page for someone to pick up on it...

I don't really agree with this exchange, even after the correction. Weight will not be proportional to volume for hollow or partly hollow objects. If you make an enclosure out of some sheet material,, then a bigger one of the same material, the weight difference would correspond to the surface area difference. That is only a comment on the "theoretical basis" of the previous discussion, not that I think any of that necessarily applies here.

I expect that the GH3 will be somewhat heavier than GH2, but probably not in proportion to the increased volume. I think that other, hard-to-predict items will affect the weight. The body frame is now magnesium alloy, but the shape of that underneath certain portions of exterior covering is probably very complex. There are new seals and possibly double-walls in some places that there weren't before. The battery is probably larger and heavier. The EVF optics are probably slightly bigger and heavier. And so on.

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Just checked the leaked specs, the weight is shown as 470g, but not stated as "including battery" or not. GH2 is 442g including battery, so the difference is either very small (6%) or basically the weight of the new battery if you have to add it to the 470g number. In any case, I think the size difference between the two will be more noticeable than the weight difference. Some will appreciate the handling of the larger design, many have already complained. More bitter arguments to come.


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