What is an Amateur?

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Re: What is an Amateur?

Gallopingphotog wrote:

I'm involved in writing/updating rules for our fair's Photography competition, specifically the amateur division. Right now, there is no real clear definition of what constitutes an amateur vs. what makes a professional.

The choice is not yours, it is the photographer that has to decide! Allow anyone, at any one fair, to enter either in the Amateur Division or in the Professional Division, but not both. They can switch every year if the like though!

Most folks will consider themselves solidly in one camp or the other, and might even be embarrassed to be thought of as fitting in the wrong one.

One thing you might do is make it very easy, in the Professional Division, to have enough advertising opportunity to make it something a pro will actually want to do for business reasons. In the Amateur Division try providing the kind of publicity that no working pro would want to be associated with because it would be "negative advertizing" for a pro to be publicly tauted as an amateur.

Then stand back and keep your nose out of their business!

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