XE-1 or NEX 6: Which is more appealing thus far?

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Re: Trying to decide as well

timetowastetime wrote:

I will be following this topic closely.

I'm trying to decide between

Fuji X-E1 vs Sony NEX 6


Fuji X-PRO1 vs Sony NEX 7

I am taking a year off from my studies in 2013 to travel. I've been struggling to decide on a camera to take with me for months. I'm glad I waited since this release seems like it will solve my dilemma one way or the other.

I'm looking for

  • compact body

  • great image quality

  • one small (pancake?), fast (good dof), good quality prime lens of around 35-50mm

  • one versatile zoom

  • good video quality

I initially was going to go for the Fuji X100, but I'm concerned about travelling with only a fixed 35mm lens. I thought instead I would get a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera and get a prime that would deliver the same quality as the X100, but also purchase a zoom lens.

At the moment I'm leaning towards fuji for all aspects except for the video, which really could be a deal breaker for me.

I read that sony didn't look after there customers that well with the NEX-7, not bringing out firmware updates? I get a bit of a better vibe from fuji as a camera company. Also the lenses of Fuji seem to have great reviews.

I think either way, both of these cameras could make a great, lightweight and versatile travel camera solution.

What you need is the Oly E-M5. It ticks all your boxes, plus you get in body 5-axis IS.

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