Who will buy the RX1?

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Re: Who will buy the RX1?

They don't like that it is Cybershot RX1?? yes from that division. They are psyched up for a FF NEX 9, to keep that train on a fast track.

Someone, somewhere mentioned (David Kilpatrick?) that there are now four parallel tracks that Sony is elevating as high as it can, with shared components and software: Videocam, Cybershot, NEX and SLT, although the last two produce Alpha cameras. From all indications, there is competition but there is cross pollination among these divisions, maximizing the use and deployment of its parts divisions, e.g. sensors.

Sony seems determined to change the perception of imaging products from it as a company by changing brand names to something with historical cache, like Minolta, no doubt banking that innovation and performance of its products will overcome the weight associated with its name in consumer level quality.

Unfortunately, people are less familiar with the excellent electronic products from the company: digital recording equipment in studios around the world, professional videocameras, high-end CD and DVD players, its venture into high-end speakers including its collaboration with Albert von Schweikert, its high quality ES audio amplifiers (pre and power, separates), its XBR TVs, etc. and only remember the consumer level devices that became so popular.

Hope they succeed...because it will drive innovation in the imaging world. Now, Sony, improve that JPEG engine.

Rooru S wrote:

I'm on a tight budget, but if there is something I really want for Christmas, that's correct, it would be the Sony RX-1. Amazing camera for sure, I'm waiting for reviews to end convincing me.

And I don't know what's the problem with RX-1, the X100 was great, APS-C and fixed lens, yet, a lot of people bought it even with the AF problems and slugish operation at first. And now, the first small sized FF fixed lens camera is released and everyone complains just because of the price tag. Everyone here agree about the specs for sure, so it's just about the price (and since there is no direct competition for RX-1, Sony has all the right to charge whatever they want for a first in the digital market). So don't buy it at first moment, wait until the price comes down and the reviews of course, and then rush to buy it. Because it's a great camera.

Woland65 wrote:

Two groups will buy the RX1:
I) Well off photographers that already owns the ILC they want.
II) Rich people that wants the coolest party camera on the planet.

These two groups will happily pay the price and they will give Sony a lot of brand value.

Who are complaining about the RX1:

I) Photographers on a limited budget who would have to chose between a top notch ILC and the RX1. Sorry, this camera is not for us.

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