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Andre Affleck Senior Member • Posts: 2,362
Re: New bodies better

rhlpetrus wrote:

Interesting, it seems Canon has done something new, even though difference is likely not visually evident, the variation in resolution is very small. I will come back and look at the numbers more carefully.

One thing is clear, the newer bodies are better.

Agreed. Since the new Canon bodies with new lenses shoot as good or better than Nikon bodies and old lenses, it indicates that each manufacturers PDAF technology (in the body) is maturing consistently the same, where Nikon's lens technology has always been a bit ahead of Canon's. This could also account for the price differences for each, with Nikon being generally more expensive.

There was also some talk of the new Canon lenses receiving additional lens element positioning sensors for feedback verification. Perhaps Nikon has always had these sensors, where Canon is just now getting around to adding them.

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