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Re: What about the D300?

tundracamper wrote:

jfriend00 wrote:

Buffer capacity is:

Buffer RAM size / Size of image = # images fit in the buffer

This has nothing to do with processing speed. 14-bit images are significantly larger than 12-bit images so fewer of them fit in the RAW buffer.

But aren't all the images stored in 16-bit format anyway? So, it wouldn't matter. The 14-bit vs. 12-bit is just a software setting, is it not? I could see the compression working better on the 12-bit as more pixels would be the same. Guess I need to understand this better.

12-bits of data compresses much, much better than 14-bits of data because with 12-bit data, 4 bits of the 16 bits are empty and can be optimized out in any decent compression scheme (even a lossless one). If you have more data (14-bits vs. 12-bits, it takes more space (when compressed).
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