The Insidious RX1

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Re: The Insidious RX1

+1 on changing lenses, especially on mirrorless cameras - hate the dust flying around anytime the wind kicks up a little. It is OK with DSLRs but not with MILCs.

If RX1 had not come along, I was thinking at least 2 NEX 7 or 6 bodies and if the NEX 9 came along, one of that too, in combination with a N6.

RX1 seems like a good option for a 35mm lens when thinking about putting a Leica 35mm lens on a NEX (6, 7 or 9). An RX1 and a NEX with a midrange zoom (say, NEX 6 with SEL1650PZ) would cover all your travel photography needs with less weight a bulk and without having to change lenses at all.

b534202 wrote:

sroute wrote:

Not that I completely disagree with any of your points, but my feeling is that the RX1 is a logical product.

Sony has enjoyed great success redefining cameras via the NEX and to its surprise discovered that there was a market for relatively expensive higher end compacts that went far beyond its Cybershot line.

Sony produces excellent sensors including full frame sensors.

It was only a matter of time before a full frame compact came out of Sony. What surprised me is that the Cybershot team produced it. That may be a brilliant move by Sony, having two competing design groups working on similar, but different, products.

The RX1 clearly wasn't meant to be a one off, although I'd feel more comfortable stating that categorically if the EVF was available on day one (perhaps it will be). An interchangeable lens sibling can't be more than a year away.

Sony has been making some bold moves - the NEX-7, EVF centric high end DSLRs, RX1 - it seems only logical that they are flexing their muscles some, basically stating with the RX1 to their existing and potential sensor customer base "If you don't start making full frame compact cameras of this class, we will and we'll eat the entire pie".

I'm quite happy with the RX1's existence.

To me, its just about the lens. If I'm in the market for a 35mm, I probably would skip the prime lens for my DSLR and get an RX1 instead.

And if Sony just happens to make an RX2 with a fixed 50mm lens, well, I might buy one too since I don't have a 50mm either.

Because changing lenses is a bigger pain than changing cameras. Unlike all the people that hope for interchangeable lenses, I would love it if I don't have to change lenses. I guess I just put up with bulky DSLRs all these years because its the only way to get the FF experience thus far.

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