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Thank you SandyF,

In the past when traveling light I traveled with a camera similar sized as the dp2m but once and a while I find my self at an event where I wish I had dslr but do not want to carry one. Then what I did was put the camera (compact Nikon) on a flash bracket designed for small cameras with a full sized flash and got excellent results. Travel wise, the flash, cord and bracket take up little room & weight. Now I can leave home my D3 and and for those few hours when I am at an event like a wedding I put the setup together and get good results and afterward put the bracket & flash back in my luggage and for the rest of the trip I am back to my small light weit camera. Since I already own the camera, flash and cord I jus tneed a small bracket which is about $30. I try to make the most out of what I have.

SandyF wrote:

TeamTQ wrote:

Did I post in the the wrong forum or did I ask a dumb question?

I replied.....

.... a full-size flash will be ridiculously large and clumsy with the compact DP2Merrill but you could use a full-size flash if you really need directional flash. I could see this especially in studio work, but not as a carry-around flash. The Sigma EF140 is lovely for that.

.... as for specific models, why don't you call Sigma US and check .... that's what I did about the EF500 before I used it.

.....I'm not familiar enough with flash units to know whether you can use a generic flash on the camera... you might not get full function(s).

....Thus my recommendation for the EF140. It was designed and made for the DP line of cameras.

Best regards, Sandy
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