At 2,100, D600 is a steal

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Re: Sounds like an excellent value

Brev00 wrote:

With perfect foresight (in the spring) of specs and timing it would have been enough to make me forgo the D800. With honest hindsight, having had the D800 for 2+ months, I'd probably buy neither.

Why? Can you explain your negative experience?

It's a complicated answer. I haven't had a negative experience. The D800 (specifically the D800E) is a wonderful camera which delivers on everything I expected, but maybe I don't need any of it.

If I'm honest with myself and consider whether the D800E has delivered anything beyond what my D90 (my former camera) could have done the answer is likely: no. At least not to any appreciable extent.

None of this is to say that the D800 cannot deliver on it's value proposition or that my skill level is insufficient to match its capabilities. There simply comes a point when the incremental value offered by a camera body (or any other piece of gear) comes out of alignment with the needs of its user.

If you have specific needs that some body will meet, great, go forth. Otherwise yout could save yourself some serious cash by being realistic with your needs.

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