LensRentals Nikon AF test just posted

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Re: LensRentals Nikon AF test just posted

u007 wrote:

Another interesting comparison is in the resolution figures.

The worst focused d800 images still showed more resolution than the sharpest focused d700 images. So while focus errors might be more noticeable in the d800 when viewing at 100%, they actually still grab more detail than the lower resolution cameras.

That's what I understand from his graphs at least, though please Roger, I know you read dpreview - label your axis! and give tables/graphs better titles or a figure legend.

Your work is fantastic, and you're the only guy on the whole internet who does this properly. You should try to present the data in more meaningful ways, or provide excel files etc for us to fiddle with!

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Thank you, and I do totally agree. The blog platform we're using limits me quite a bit: If I label the axis on the graphs it makes them about 600 pixel wide instead of 800. It's why I have to describe them in text.

I'm trying to talk them into a more robust platform. But I also always have "and can I just have this test chart, or this lighting system", and end up caving for the testing toy when they tell me one or the other.

I also agree with what's said above: this differences are interesting in giving us a demonstration of the progress being made, but I doubt we could rank those images if they were pictures. Except for the bad missed focus ones, they're really identical.


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