How to get the color right (wb), suggestions or links are welcome.

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Re: How to get the color right (wb), suggestions or links are welcome.

Xellz wrote:

I would like to learn about how to get the color right in my photos. Currently using G3 and quite often color with AWB feels a bit odd or can vary slightly between shots and when watching photos in a row it's really visible. Or when i want to change the look of only some colors.

The problem of images taken in a single lighting situation changing colors when Auto WB is used is common. Auto WB looks at the image and makes the assumption that all the colors added together will be equal to a neutral gray. That is almost always wrong so the resulting images will usually have incorrect colors.

Think of a woman in a white dress standing in front of a blue wall. Auto WB will assume the scene is neutral gray but the blue wall throw off Auto WB so the image will take on an orange color to counter balance the excess of blue. If you move in closer so that the wall is now takes up only a small amount of the image the color of the wall will have less influence so the color balance of the image will change.

Frankly it is better to guess at the WB and set it manually. You may be off a bit but at least all the images taken in the same lighting situation will have the same offset so it is easy to fix one then apply the correction to all the rest of the image in that set.

If you shoot JPGs and have the ability to set a custom white balance then buy one of the nearly indestructible plastic white balance cards like the one from Robin Meyers and do that. If you shoot raw then shoot one image with the white balance card in it and use that image to color balance the rest of the images in the set.

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