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Re: Carl Zeiss lens for Canon

Batzorig wrote:

I was reading about the nice colors and contrast of Carl Zeiss lenses. So I started considering to buy Zeiss lens and want to get advise from those who have tried Zeiss on Canon.

My most important type of photography is shooting arts such as paintings and some sculptures (though not a much as the painting). I have a Canon 5D Mark2, and 50mm f1.8 lens. I find that my 50mm lens has a lot of distortion on the edges when taking shots of painting. Also it has a little bit warm tone in every image (though I may be wrong about it). So because of these reasons I want to upgrade my lens, and I do take my art photography seriously.

Before I go for a purchase, I need to ask some questions.

1. Is Zeiss lens really worth the price? My 50 mm Canon is only 100$.

2. I don't shoot my painting photos wide open because I want to have focus from corner to corner on painting photos. So I always use f5.6 or higher. With that in mind does Zeiss lens still out-perform Canon lens even at higher f-stops?

3. Which Zeiss lens has less distortion 50mm Planar T or 85mm Planar T. Which one is better at taking painting photos? I like the price of the 50mm, but if there is enough difference, I may go for 85mm.

4. If there is a difference in quality between Canon and Zeiss lenses, can't you make up the difference in Light Room or some other image editing software? I am asking this because I am not a full time photographer and not all of my photography make money.

What is at issue is flatness of field and because you are shooting JPG and not RAW. Forget shooting in .JPG mode. To get a lens that has almost perfect flatness of field you need a macro lens. You can pick up any number of Canon, Nikon, or 3rd-party macros for cheap.

Zeiss does make two macro lenses, but they are very expensive and no better suited than a $200 used macro lens.

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