D600 and ZF lenses

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Re: D600 and ZF lenses

slimandy wrote:

This is the situation we already have with the D700, D800, D300 etc.. The D3xxx and D5xxx are entry level cameras with no built-in focussing motor. You can mount pre-AI lens without damaging them.

Hi Andy,

The reason why non-AI lenses can be safely mounted on the entry-level bodies without damaging them has nothing to do with their lack of a built-in motor. The reason is because those entry-level bodies do not have the aperture indexing lever that tells the meter at what aperture the lens is set at. That is why those bodies are unable to meter with non-AI, AI, and AI-S lenses - no lever.

If you remove the lens from a D200 or higher body, you will observe the aperture indexing lever just beneath the viewfinder prism where it reads NIKON. The flange on the aperture ring of non-AI lenses is not indented as it is on AI and AI-S lenses, and that non-indented flange will damage the aperture indexing lever on D200 and higher bodies.

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