D600-D800 high ISO RAWs compared

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Why not compare by downsampling them both to the same size

here are the two files downsampled to D700 resolution using VNX. My CNX won't open it, but the settings that are active are vignette (normal), Hish ISO NR (normal) which are the same for both.

By downsampling both in the same program and with the same settings - they both have the exact same output sharpening so neither has an advantage. Small pixel vs smaller pixel I guess.

  • the 1/3rd EV exposure difference is probably partially explained by the use of the 50 1.4G with the D800 and the 50 1.8D with the D600 - the lenses may have different light transmission levels.

  • the D800 shows better detail - see for example the printing on the circuit board, or the contour lines on the map.

  • disturbingly the D600 shows more of the magenta cast than the D800 also suffers from at high ISO (what limits the D800 is this amp glow/sensor noise) - see the grey color patch. This is consistent with other sample images on the net.

  • the ISO 6400 performance of any camera in this sort of setup (with bright lighting) is very different to real shooting where high ISO is used mostly because of low light levels

Click (original) to download.

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